For Business

Selling locations in Augmented Reality In-game sponsorship Native Advertisement within AR

Players in DinoMess gather dinosaurs, have friendly fights in PvP, and participate in tournaments at geographically designated spaces called Dino Arena. While they can play PvP from their home, to join a tournament they will have to go into Dino Arena. An example would be if your company pays to host Dino Arena for three weeks, they will bring in extra traffic because of DinoMess. Players who want to compete in tournaments (and train their dinos) would need to visit your company location. They will spend time playing the game at your’s location, which would also result in players spending money at your company.

We provide unique proposal to partners by branding in-game objects in exchange of sponsorship. The branding of in game objects can range from unique dinosaur in the branded equipment, Dino Arena and Dino Box branding (with featured branded bonuses inside) for sponsored tournaments and activities in the game.

DinoMess proposes native ad placements for partners, in augmented reality. We will provide native advertising, which will be displayed while the player uses his camera to find and catch a dinosaur. The player will only see relevant ads for the area (for example he’ll be able to see restaurant ads in the area where dinosaurs are being spotted). Our system will analyze the demands of the marketing requests from our partners and place ads in the appropriate places.

For edutainment

Customized programs based on AR technology.

We offer unique program for schools and universities based on Augmented Reality technology, which allow to get deeper engagement in education process..

For entertainment

Affiliate program

We provide affiliate program for museums and exhibitions. we payout the revenue share from each user, who was engaged in the DinoMess GeoGame at your event or through designated marketing channel. We use precise tracking system, that allows to define the installs through custom QR codes or links from website banners, as well as other creative ads opportunities


" ...DinoMess is the very app to be a mainstream, that perfectly fits into the hectic online lives, of the most of the young people who are leading these days... "

" ...Apart from the enjoyment of capturing dinosaurs, it also gives its players a more interactive way of learning about dinosaurs and their local area by making use of AR. A massive update is also around the corner for players to go out and battle against other players online!..."

" ...Catching dinosaurs becomes a trend – a new app conquers the Philippines.
DinoMess stands out of mobile apps market and delivers the gamers a new concept of entertainment... "

" ...Dinomess can take opportunity with its strong educational value. Parents will have a higher approval of letting their kids play this game because they are not just catching a fictional thing but something which adds up to their scientific knowledge. In fact, schools and universities might even endorsed it... "

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