Project DinoMess Game

We would love to present to you an adventure packed mobile game, brought to life with augmented reality and PvP online battles! Inspired by the likes of Pokémon GO and Jurassic Park World, DinoMess is not only aimed at player of all ages will merging unprecedented AR characteristics with real life but is also an excellent opportunity to make bank!

Just how is this possible though?

You get to travel back in time, when dinosaurs roamed the face of this Earth! Only difference is you are now able to chase them down on the screen of your device. You’ll be able to search for dinosaurs with friends or solo, and you’ll also discover special bonuses while you’re at it. The project has been released in Australia and New Zealand, with all basic gameplay and account features in the App Store and Google Play market. A feature packed analytics and tracking system has been integrated, in order to process data for accurate insights into marketing campaigns and user behavior.

We gladly invite interested investors to visit our information packed page. This opportunity is quite hard for anyone to ignore.

DinoMess is the first project of the new platform GetGame, and part of the OpenLedger Ecosystem.

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