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2 year ago

The Beginning of DinoMess: Dinosaurs are coming for you!

Dinosaurs are eternal, undying theme that is interesting to both children and adults. Dinos attract and fascinate, there are many different kinds of them and the most important thing is that they really lived on our planet. 

According to the dinosaurs it is formed a community of fans who enjoys everything related to them. We have a great experience in offline business at the entertainment industry related to Dinos such as travel exhibitions, dino parks implementation, dino cafe building and etc. Because dinosaurs are fun at all ages. 

Why do we think that DinoMess is the best choice for those who likes dinosaurs and wants to have fun? The answer is very simple! DinoMess gathered all your favorite characters in real life. So you can enjoy them at any time and any place. Of course we make allowance for the development of the entertainment industry, and now augmented reality is cool, popular and fast-growing trend. 

Also we couldn’t fail social component - gaming with each other, fitness games (forcing children and adults to move playing), clans and tournaments. All of this is in the best mobile titles, and we have done our best to merging all interesting mechanics. And now we are ready to offer players with a unique gaming experience. And the most important - DinoMess is a global project! This is fun because we like things we do.
We are planning to make DinoMess not just a game but a recognizable brand, which will be able to work in various areas (but now it’s a secret, we cannot reveal all the plans yet).

Watch video about our project here!

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