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1 year ago

Secret Ingredients of Dinomess: from Pokemon to Spielberg

It’s no secret that there is no universal formula for an ideal mobile application. Companies around the world are trying to find a unique bunch of components that, like a puzzle will make up a magic combination, putting a spell on players around the world. So what is this ultimate combination?

Especially for our players, we decided to weigh up all the "pros and cons" of applications that inspired the creators of Dinomess Game -  Pokémon GO and Jurassic World - and find the golden mean.

Pokémon GO

The game brought a brand new gaming experience for all mobile phones users, who have witnessed its meteoric rise, unprecedented in the history of gaming industry.

The popular franchise, which made childhood memories of several generations, is a new adventure games format.

The main goal of the game is well-known: to catch magical creatures - Pokémon - in the real world. This is implemented through using augmented reality technology, which overlays a digital pocket monster onto the real world, using the camera of your smartphone. The feeling that Pikachu is right next to you, so easy to touch is stunningly real. This is exactly what every fan of the famous cartoon dreamed of–to step into the main characters’shoes and make their own collection of Pokémon. However, the enthusiasm somewhat faded when the well-heeled players having achieved a certain level came to a dead-lock, as there were actually no Pokémon to catch. The interest sinking, game developers were faced up with a challenge to introduce additional motivating attributes.

A detailed examination of the Pokémon GO mechanics has given us food for thought: it would be a good idea to make a closer socialization, which is known to maintain players’ interest. Moreover, the battles between Pokémon taking place exclusively within the Clubs are quite trivially implemented. Real PvP battles between rivals from different parts of the world would definitely not be amiss. Given the global reach of the game, this factor is an unfortunate omission of Pokémon GO creators.

Jurassic World

A classic example when a great idea, put into life by a brilliant director and a cast in a super successful Hollywood film, has been equally well implemented in a mobile game. The popular city builder genre (in this case Dinosaur Park) is a perfect match for a great concept of the game. A powerful mechanics of fighting dinosaurs are the winning move to retain active players. On the one hand, there is a wide range of various animals available, and a user-friendly system of their acquisition and level-up, on the other hand the players always have the opportunity to wind down by decorating and the developing their dinosaur park.

Missions are also a notably wise feature, as they do not allow the player to lay back and forget about the game. In our opinion, Jurassic is an example of an excellent, well-balanced game with virtually no drawbacks.

As for those few negative points, they might be regarded as drawbacks from the point of view of the user. Rapid progress, which the player gets used to after the first couple of sessions, in the course of the park development gradually but noticeably slows down. It gets very disturbing and tedious to wait for the next batch of food or coins to upgrade a dinosaur or to fight in a battle. In terms of profits, this approach is clear - the game encourages purchasing. On the other hand, as soon as the player adds money into the account (for example, joins a VIP account)  he becomes a god for a while and has considerable advantage over ordinary users, which raises a question about the unfair fights between players of different levels.


Probably there is no developer who would not play games, and we are no exception. Of course, as the people immersed into this field, it’s hard to take a fresh look at the game from the average player’s perspective. Computer artists notice graphic techniques, developers – FPS sagging and smooth slicing, game designers - Core and Meta gameplay. Inspired by the mentioned projects, we have created our own game - Dinomess.

We have tried to make use of the most outstanding features to please even highly exigent players. In Dinomess you also travel in the real world and catch creatures - dinosaurs. Unlike Pokémon, we have made, as we think, a more convenient map that does not require large hardware expenses. The capture process is also not very tricky, as Dinomess is focused not on collecting a complete set of species (even though it is included in the list of potential tasks of the player), but on dinosaur’s battles. To go to the next level and, accordingly, to improve performance, users need to generate DNA with the help of special charges.  And in order to bring them to a qualitatively new level - we use merging mechanics (merging of two dinosaurs of equal level for getting an upgraded one).

Unlike Jurassic Park, we decided to give the players a chance to distribute attack and health points themselves, when they achieve a new level, which significantly diversifies upgrading strategies. This means you can create unique dinosaurs with special characteristics. As a result, the battles become more fascinating and enthralling. Therefore, each user is provided with the means to create truly unique and the extremely appealing creatures.  Also, we do not limit the battle areas only to particular locations, as in Pokémon – our motto is "Dino Hunters all over the world, let’s teem up! Compete, win, become the leader of your clan!"

We redefined the concept of the Pokémon Club, turning our analogue - Dino Arena – into a unique and eventful place. We cannot unveil all the plans for future releases, but let's say that Dino Arena will become the main  attraction not only for those determined to conquer it (and it is almost the only source of premium currency in the game), but also for other players - thanks to some special features currently in development.

In general, the presence of a location based chat, wheel of fortune with daily free prizes, the daily missions and world events, allow us to focus on a good retention in the game. All these mechanics increase engagement and let  players with different personalities find something to their liking. Creating a qualitatively new game, meeting every possible demand of all users - the primary task Dinomess developers are committed to.

We can’t help mentioning the non-gaming aspect of our project, as we consider ourselves to be among the pioneers in this field. We follow an excellent example set by Pokémon, using game technology as a means of attracting users and the public attention to other things in life. We are preparing an initiative on edutainment - cooperation with museums, exhibitions and public events. We are convinced that an innovative look at the educational processes has long been a necessity of the modern society. We are developing a special Dinomess gadget, useful not only as a gaming supplement, but also as a handy device in everyday life. Moreover, AR-mechanisms development is an advanced tool for the development of business environment. We will provide small and medium business entities, connected to a location with complete and simple solutions for attracting new customers with the help of our game. Of course, branding of game objects, a special dinosaur with unique features, and a sponsored mission - all these marketing activities are planned to be publicly available to everyone.

In conclusion we would say that Dinomess is the place where the well - remembered and dear (dinosaurs) meets with the innovative and thrilling (augmented reality and geo targeting). And we are confident that the synergy and balance of these components is a unique selling point of Dinomess Game.

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