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1 year ago

Halloween in DinoMess!

The scariest time of the year is finally here – Halloween. To celebrate it we have brought to you facts about 5 of the scariest dinosaurs that ever lived and a special Halloween test to plunge into mysterious dinosaur world!


Tyrannosaurus in undoubtedly the most known scary and dangerous dinosaur. And just by looking at it, it is clear why. Tyrannosaurus was one of the largest carnivores that ever lived. It had a thick and heavy skull and a huge 1.2-meter-long jaw, so it is not a surprise that Tyrannosaurus has the title for the strongest bite force of any other animal that has ever walked the Earth.  Tyrannosaurus aka the King of Tyrant Lizard was about 12 meters long and could grow up to 6 meters tall. It could also move quite quickly thanks to its powerful long tail and strong legs.


Spinosaurus was the largest carnivore growing up to 18 meters long and weight about 9 tons. It is discovered that Spinosaurus lived more in the water than on the land and it the worlds first identified swimming dinosaur. It mainly fed on fish, crocodiles and other creatures that lived in the water.  Its snout reminds a lot of a crocodiles one and it was full of short but sharp teeth.


Allosaurus was a huge carnivorous that could grow up to 12 – 13 meters long and 5 meters tall. It was one of the most dangerous dinosaurs being a fearsome and ruthless predator. Allosaurus also looked quite scary with its short neck and narrow disproportionately large skull, small horns above its eyes and a mouth full of extremely sharp teeth. Its large body stood on two strong hind limbs and a huge tail. Allosaurus’ every foot had three toes and an inner dewclaw. It was one dinosaur you wouldn’t want to run into!


Plesiosaurus was an aquatic reptile although it wasn’t very good at swimming. They breathe air and could have been similar to sea turtles by laying eggs in the sand. They actually looked like a combination of turtles and snakes with their long neck, sleek body, and small head. Plesiosaurus also had really sharp teeth and powerful jaws that they used to catch not only fish but also other swimming animals.


Ankylosaurus was a large dinosaur that is mainly known for by its heavily armored body and huge bony tail club that they most likely used as a weapon. It could grow up to 9 meters long and weigh up to 6 tons. So it is no wonder Ankylosaurus is called a “living tank”. They fed on low growing plants. They had no grinding teeth and their small teeth were not designed to break large plants.


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