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1 year ago

Facts Your Teacher Didn`t Tell You About Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs could take home the Oscar for the ‘Most Mysterious Creatures That Every Lived.’ Every day, scientists and researchers discover new secrets surrounding these creatures, who lived long before human beings.  Especially for DinoMess fans, we have prepared these ‘Top Facts’ about Dinosaurs that you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

P.S. For real Dinosaur Lovers only!

Most predators walked on two feet. With their hands free, they grabbed their prey and moved very fast. Herbivores used four feet to carry their heavy bodies. Of course, some of them could balance on two feet, but only for a short period of time.

What skin color did dinosaurs have? Some scientists believe that dinosaurs had colorful skin, but paleontologists don`t know for sure. It’s likely that most dinosaurs had green and brown scales to hide among plants and trees.

Do you know that the smallest dinosaur egg found was only 1 inch long and weighed 75 grams? It is still unclear which species it belonged to. In contrast to this, the largest dinosaur eggs were found in Asia and belonged to a predator named Segnosaurus (“slow lizard”). The eggs are around 19 inches long.

Scientists believe that some dinosaurs were cold blooded, others warm blooded, and there were some that belonged to neither group. For instance, predators were supposed to be mostly warm blooded. The herbivores were less active and were probably cold blooded. This is based on the fact that a warm-blooded animal needs approximately 10 times more food than a cold-blooded animal of the same size.

Although Australia’s landscape is not favorable for preserving the remains of dinosaurs, dinosaur bones and fossils have been discovered in every Australian state and territory apart from Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

Micropachycephalosaurus, meaning "tiny thick-headed lizard", was the longest dinosaur genus. The first dinosaur belonging to the genus was found in China in 1978 and got its name from the Chinese paleontologist Dong.

How old are dinosaurs? There is no definite answer, but the oldest dinosaurs known lived 230 million years ago and were found in Madagascar, Africa.

The smallest brain of any known dinosaur belonged to Stegosaurus. Despite the fact that its body was rather large (it was the size of a van), its brain was no bigger than a walnut.  And the dinosaur with the thickest skull was Pachycephalosaurus – its skull was 8 inches thick.

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